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Chrysallia is home to a number of powerful organizations and individuals. Based on the premise of my novel, Chrysallia is the North American continent, set several hundred years in the future. Technology has advanced to near magical levels and is seen as such by the under educated masses. A post scarcity society exists in the Federation capital, while the nuclear wastelands are a place of turmoil and suffering.

The Peacekeepers are all but extinct, legendary protectors of the people that were exterminated by the Federation when it rose to power. Known for their powerful technology and strong individuals, Peacekeepers were often identified by their unusually styled hats and leather capes made from the hides of mutated creatures from the wastelands.

The Forsaken
Abandoned and lost, the Forsaken are all that is left of a secret Federation research experiment. Little is known about them.

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Main Page

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