Welcome to Chrysallia!

Chrysallia is a world not unlike our own. Technology dominates, while magic and psionics are rare and revered. The world is past it’s golden age, and chaos has spread to all but the largest metropolises. Those who live outside the boundaries of these cities are afflicted by disease, drought, and wild creatures. The climate is dry, the world having cooled, prevents much precipitation inland. The oceans are navigable only in the largest of ships, all smaller vessels bound to shore to avoid the perils of deep waters. Gnomish technology has fallen into disrepair as their race has all but been eradicated in a devastating war with the orc nations to the south. Those that do live are forcibly employed by the Federation, a ruthless government that has dominated the land for twenty years after a toppling of the previous democratic system that upheld notions of liberty and freedom. The Federation instead declares order and safety to be more important. The Federation is ruled by Jossam Benariak, a human that claims draconic heritage.


Please note that I am currently in law school in Kansas, and that the campaign will start in December. We’ll likely play two or three times per week as schedules permit since my time is limited. It will be my first time as a DM, but I have some fun ideas and will allow players to be persuasive as to relevant factors. I heavily emphasize role play – if you wish to be a social character, I suggest you be good at the skills you are planning to emphasize, and if i find someone to be acting out of character, i will penalize them after the second warning. That said, i will reward players that role play effectively, and i love character development that accompanies the story.

Character Creation

Because of the limited window we have for play, I will ask that players have their characters preplanned and approved for when we start. I cannot emphasize enough that you should run the concept by me first. Min/maxing is acceptable, however, if the character is an empty shell, s/he will not be approved. I am very adaptable – for instance, if my girlfriend plays her character that she’s been wanting to play, I will be making some custom spells for her. I believe the game lends itself to being customizable, and will accommodate players to the best of my ability. I will allow for most errata, and you should be thinking about a fifth level character. I believe that fourth to sixth level is the best starting level because players don’t have to worry about dying from a single critical hit from a longbow, and because by that level the different classes have begun to equalize in combat, social, and special circumstances. As far as race selection goes, I really do urge human, but any medium or small race should be fine. outside of those limits, I will probably say no, but the benefit to the players is that for the most part, you should be fighting medium sized creatures as a general rule. Paladins and monks are advised against for the sake of the campaign’s story, which pits the players against government.

I cannot remember the page number, but there is a chart that has character modifiers that I will have players roll at the beginning of the first session. they can be either good or bad, but will help you have more to work with for role-play. I will also, upon character completion, give each player information about the campaign and how it will start in order to allow development of backstory.

The party

I’m hoping that the party will be between four and six players. There will be no more than one or two spellcasters, and spell lists will be limited. Player’s spell lists may not exceed 50% damage spells, meaning that for every damage related spell, that person will be required to have a non-combat/non damage spell, including for daily spell prep. This is because I have played in many parties where a handful of spellcasters have ruined encounter after encounter with maximized, widened, whatever fireballs and such, rendering other characters useless. My limit is so that the party actually has to work together, and so that I as a DM do not have to send hordes against you in the day and assassins at night. I don’t want to make every rest period a time when I have to attack to have any hope of damaging the party. Also, gold will be capped at four thousand, and any one item cannot be worth more than 30% of that.

As a further disclaimer, there will likely be death for a good number of party members. This is because of the nature of the story, and is nothing personal against any character or player. Also, Rangers will be a good class, because I will advise any player of what favored enemies to take. Psionics are more welcome than arcane or divine casters because of the setting, however there will be special limitations on them due to the nature of psionics in this realm.

Future Plans

I will be working on a map as able. I have some NPC’s in development.

DM/house rules

Stats will be rolled as follows- 4d6, drop the lowest, re-roll ones. You may roll two sets. I will trust players to be honest. And in all fairness, even if you had all eighteens, if you fail to act within your character or take advantage of environment, your character won’t survive long.

I stated earlier that players will be allowed to try to be persuasive if they feel that under certain circumstances, they would be at an advantage or disadvantage, I will consider their arguments. I will consider arguments, but if a player tries to argue about a DM call, result, or is belligerent in any other way, I will not be happy, and that player will likely be excused from that session. This is to ensure that the rest of the players get to have fun. I’ve experienced fellow players that ruined entire sessions because of arguing with the DM. I’m a really easy going guy, but believe me when I say, my only hard and fast rule is to respect the DM.

I recommend that all players bring notebooks to make notes of information they may later wish to recall. I will not as a general rule remind players of names of persons or locations. I also recommend that players spend skill points along the way to learn new languages they encounter. I will also make a point of making sure that you actually spend money on eating, so rations and survival skills will be important.

I will also be adopting a practice from a system I recently encountered, FantasyCraft, which rewards players with action dice – I will call these DM points, and you will be able to spend them to convince me of an argument (within reason), save your character, and any number of other imaginable uses, including re-rolls, subject to costs. Players will earn DM points for innovation in encounters, saving other party members, entertaining the party, etc. DM points will be explicitly stated at the beginning and end of every session, and will be used to reward players for contributing to the campaign as a fun and exciting adventure.

The most important rule: you are ALWAYS allowed to give constructive feedback after a session. I want to make this the most fun campaign you’ve played. Creativity will be rewarded. Role-play will be rewarded. And most of all, players who help me be a better DM and make sessions more fun will be rewarded. Rewards and penalties will include XP modifiers, DM points, skill bonuses, equipment, artifacts, you name it!

Finally, I will require all players to upload their character info to this website as a way of protecting the character info should a sheet be lost. Character backstory should also be uploaded, although you are welcome to keep parts of it secret from other players. You should have three to five pages of backstory for your character written (this can be in prose or outline, or a sequence of events, I just want players to have a well-developed character). Players will receive 300 XP and a 3 DM points upon completion of this requirement.

The Forsaken